ConTech Analysis ApS offers:


b4cast: Planning of Sufficient Precautions when Casting Concrete

  • Handling of early freezing, sufficient curing, permissible temperatures, crack formation, required strength e.g.
  • Simulation by 3D thermal and stress analysis
  • User-friendly FEM-software

Heat-Box: Determination of Heat of Hydration

  • Complete system with insulated box, datalogger and software
  • Results are input for planning of concrete castings

HeatWatch: Recording of Temperatures, Maturities and Strength

  • Complete system including datalogger, thermocouples and software.
  • Based on recorded temperatures are derived maturities and strength.
  • Control of cooling, heating, curing, form-removal, post-tensioning, on-site or in precast industries
  • On-line measurements via mobile-network

All equipment and software are manufactured and supported by ConTech Analysis ApS.