HeatWatch is a complete system for measuring of temperatures, including hardware for data acquisition and software.

When casting concrete structures, a number of conditions should be documented. One condition is the registration of actual temperatures.

In relation to the positions where thermocouples have been placed, it possible to show the progress of:

  • Temperature
  • Maturity
  • Compression Strength
  • Tensile Strength

Also temperatures of air, cooling water, subsoil etc. can be recorded. Furthermore calculated averages and differences between values can be visualized.

User defined alerts can be set up for generating emails or text messages (SMS), e.g. in case a temperature is exceeding a certain limit.

By using the HeatWatch system it is possible to document that the construction method is fulfilling the requirements concerning freezing, evaporation, differences in temperature, maximum temperature level and strength.

The hardware is installed in a robust box and is suitable for use at the construction site without further precautions. Dimensions are 30 cm x 15 cm x 38 cm.

The box contains a module for measuring temperatures, a power supply, heating element (when measuring below the freezing-point) and a GSM-router with an antenna.


Thermocouples are placed in the formwork before casting and are connected to the data logger. Up to 30 channels can be connected to the same data logger.

The data acquisition module is continuously controlled by a server at ConTech Analysis ApS and data is also saved here.

The connection is established by means of either the Internet (via GSM-network) or a local wireless network (LAN) on the site, connected to the Internet.

If neither a GSM-network or a local network (LAN) already is present at the site, the HeatWatch system can as an option be delivered with a router including an a 500 metres range antenna for establishing of the LAN.

The Internet connection requires a SIM-card with a public IP-address, provided by the user.

Box - opened
Box closed
The box containing module for measuring temperatures, power supply and GSM-router.


The software is installed on your computer and is used for initializing the measurement and for presentation of data.

The presentation includes graphic visualization of temperatures, maturities, compression- and tensile-strengths and combinations from this (typically averages and differences). Maturities are calculated by the software based on Arrhenius or Nurse-Saul functions. Presentation of strengths are based on user defined strength developments given as function of maturity. The presentations are also available as printed output.

Furthermore all values (measured and calculated) are available as numbers, e.g. for spread-sheet purposes.

It is possible for the user to define his own units regarding temperatures, maturities etc.

In addition to the software the data acquisition module can be accessed directly through a web page (on PC or smartphone) for showing the actual values of temperatures.



Free trial
Product Price*)
HeatWatch Box with 10 channels**) 1850 USD
HeatWatch Box with 20 channels**) 2250 USD
HeatWatch Box with 30 channels**) 2650 USD
Software and access to data server per month 150 USD
*) SIM-card not included.
**) It is possible to manufacture items locally by following our instructions: How to build your own box.

All prices are ex. VAT and ex. duty.

The prices are ex. works, Allerød, Denmark.